History of dogs

History of dogs

When did they appear in people's lives, where and how?

I learned this very interesting information about the evolution of dogs from my acquaintance, a veterinarian-nutritionist.

According to various sources, dogs were domesticated 15-20 thousand years ago! They had different purposes for different nations.

It is a pack animal, it hunts in packs where there is competition for prey.

So, it is important for dogs to be able to swallow quickly  anything that is manages to snatch!

Prey is not common, so the dog's stomach contains many different enzymes to digest different food.

Historically, the dog is not a fussy eater and can eat inedible, in our opinion, spoiled products.

Therefore it is able to digest spoiled meat and the most sour cheese!

So why does a dog needs owner?

 The dog came to the man because there is always food waste nearby.

And this means food!

So the dog was tamed.     But dogs are carnivores. This you must never forget.

Predators tear other animals to pieces, and then greedily swallow not only meat and bones, but also the entrails and contents of the stomach. If something that the body does not perceive is swallowed, predators vomit, after which they again eat the part that is acceptable to them, and later often return to their prey, even if it has already turned into stinking carrion. If your dog acts in a similar way, then this is not at all evidence of his bad habits, but only a reminder of the predator instinct that wakes up from time to time.

Many carnivores eat more than just meat. So, the badger eats various roots, insects and snails, the bear loves fruits, acorns, wild berries, grass, grain, ants. Fox droppings are often blue from blueberries and contain beetle elytra. This mixed diet also meets the needs of your dog, and you will need to take this into account when formulating a diet for him.

Raw food is always healthier and better digested by the dog than boiled food. Each predator does not eat food specially prepared for him, but what he gets in nature and to which his body is best adapted. If a dog is given too much raw meat, an unpleasant pungent odor sometimes begins to emanate from it. In this case, the meat should be given to the dog half cooked.

A dog does not have such a refined taste as a person who tries to diversify food and adds all kinds of spices to it.

A dog, like a cow or a horse, can be satisfied with the same food every day. However, if someone spoils his dog with canned sausages, various savory treats, or fragrant sweets, don't be surprised if he becomes picky.

It is useful to remember these evolutionary features of the dog in order to better understand your pet and achieve mutual understanding with him.

I have few more interesting facts to share with you later.