Is it difficult to groom a Westie?

Is it difficult to groom a Westie?

Many are frightened by this question.

Westie daily grooming is pretty simple: Comb regularly from an early age - to prevent the formation of tufts (knots) and keep the coat clean. Use a brush for terriers and a metal comb to clean the dog's fur every day and to remove dirt and grass.

This should be done carefully, not in a hurry and without pulling the coat. The pet will like the procedure because it has a massage effect. Special powders, mousses and dry shampoos can be used for dry cleaning when combing.

It is not necessary to bathe often, only when there is a need: The dog is dirty and has an unpleasant smell.

A special stage in the care system is devoted to trimming, or in simple language - plucking dead hair.

So, the next stage of care for the Westie coat is trimming.

• Trimming - removal of dead hair. For Westies it is necessary to pluck loose and dead hair which os sticking out. So that the undercoat is properly ventilated. This procedure helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. The upper rigid coat layer becomes denser and protects the Westies well from wind and rain.

• Dead hair must be removed, not cut. Dead, untrimmed hair clogs the pores of new hair and leads to skin diseases.

• Trimming should be done every 8-10 weeks.

For proper trimming you need to have certain skills, so it is better to consult a specialist groomer in a pet salon or a Westie kennel. However, if you want, you can master this process yourself. The main goal is a result: combed and well-groomed Westie, which is admired by others!

And a little more about Westie care.

• From the beginning, when you buy a puppy, you need to take care of it regularly. It can't take care of himself!

• In between the main trimming, you need to trim the head a bit to free the eyes.

• Periodically cut the hair between the pads of the paws so that the dirt does not stick and roll into dense balls that hurt the dog.

• The owner must also keep dog’s eyes and ears clean. Periodically clean the ears with an  ear cleaning lotion

• If you feed your dog natural or liquid food, you should wipe their face after eating so that bacteria do not accumulate on the hair around the lips. This can cause the hair to turn yellow and the skin to become inflamed.

Follow these simple tips and let your Westies always make you happy!