Should you take your dog traveling?

Should you take your dog traveling?

Of course yes! If you want to enjoy your time together, harmony and understanding with your favorite pet and get extra bonuses from your trip.

What should you take with you?

Traveling by public transport.

- an international veterinary passport with a valid vaccination,

- a dog tag with call name and contact information,

- leash (or retractable leash),

- box (kennel) for carrying (required for the subway), in other types of transport is also very convenient.


- allowed in the absence of a prohibitory sign at the entrance,

- in the rear part of the vehicle,

- subject to cleanliness, order and safety guarantees for passengers and animals,

- fare according to the tariffs of carriers,

Trips within Ukraine.

You should have:

- an international veterinary passport with a valid vaccination,

- veterinary certificate F1 - issued by the city veterinary service (3 days before trip, including the day of issue),

- leash (or retractable leash),

- box (kennel) for carrying

- you can ride in all types of cars on railway, except "SV" and "M",

- in cars of "SV" type and "M" transportation of small breeds (up to 26 cm in height) on condition of purchase of all places in a compartment

- subject to the cleanliness, order and safety of other passengers and animals,

- in places provided for hand luggage,

- in night train cars:

- under shelf

- or on a shelf next to you

- in carriages with seats: on your lap or under the seat,

- payment for transportation by purchasing a luggage ticket as for the transportation of any luggage;

Accommodation in hotels and other rented places.

- If you are going to travel with a pet - look for hotels or other apartments with the clarification "It is possible to live with animals.” Now not all, but many hotels provide such opportunity.

- Even if you travel by car, be sure to bring a box (kennel) for carrying,

- Have wet wipes on hand,

- Do not leave your pet alone in the room, or close in kennel for the time of absence,

When traveling with a pet outside Ukraine.

You need to:

1. Electronic identification-microchips.

2. International veterinary passport (to be completed in one of the European languages) with marks of vaccination against вistemper, parvovirus, rabies. Some countries have their own special requirements and rules, they сan be found at the consulate or embassy.

3. Veterinary certificate F1. Veterinary certificate F1 is exchanged for an international veterinary certificate of the State Veterinary Service at the border.

4. REQUIREMENT - a certificate of blood test for titration of antibodies to rabies virus.

5. Deworming and insecticide treatment of the animal with certified drugs 24-48 hours before departure, and systematically once every 3-4 months.

6. Certificate that the animal is not of breeding value.

7. Licensed container for animals transporting.

Have a nice trip. Make you pet happy. Westies love that!

They will follow you to the end of the world!