We have a puppy, instructions for owners

We have a puppy, instructions for owners

What do you need for a small pet?

Westie puppy: Some advice to new owners.

The main thing when taking a puppy into the house is to always remember that they are just a part of our life for us, and we are their whole life.

They will be waiting for you, their master always - whether you go out for a minute or go for a week. You will become the most important MAN on earth. Therefore, the main thing for them is your love and care.

1. The puppy's place should be where he could see what is happening in the house, but not somewhere in the aisle. There may be several places, don’t worry your puppy will not be less well behaved.

2. You puppy need a cage (a kennel)! The dog perceives the cage (kennel) as a personal place where it can relax, and no one will bother it, regardless of the situation.

The cage will be very useful for you to accustom the puppy to the "toilet". When you leave the puppy alone in the house and want to protect it from danger of eating unnecessary and dangerous objects, the cage will help you with this. But only when you are not at home!

When you are at home, the puppy should be able to move freely and communicate with you.

BUT! Do not keep your dog in a cage for the whole day, as this can lead to physical development problems. And be sure to put a bowl of water in the cage!

3. How to treat a puppy on the first day?

Let the puppy get used to you. Do not start to pet him and let all family members to play with it, no matter how you want to. From the first moment, try to respect the puppy's personality. This leads to proper socialization.

Just let it sniff in a new place, go around the whole house, sit next to him, offer food from your hand. Do not rush with events.

4. What to buy before the puppy arrives?

- Cage (kennel) / blanket

- 2 bowls (for food and water)

- dog food / products

- collar + leash

- brush and comb for coat 

- toy

- shampoo and conditioner for Westies

- Odor neutralizer, it will help to accustom the puppy to the toilet and clean the house.

5. When can I go for a walk with a puppy?

If at the time of arrival all vaccinations have been made and there is no "quarantine", you can safely go for a walk.

If the "quarantine" is not over, then

If you live in a private house and there are no other animals on the territory, you can take a full walk from day one.

If you live in an apartment, you will have to endure the "quarantine" until the end, so as not to catch the disease.

6. How often should I feed the puppy?

In the period from 3 to 6 months, the puppy eats 3-4 times a day.

from 6 to 9 months - 3-2 times a day,

From 9 months the junior should be fed as an adult: 1-2 times a day.

The number of feedings can be set by the puppy, switching to fewer meals by refusing to eat.

It is desirable for an adult dog to do “light” days - skipping one feeding, or giving very light food, such as kefir.

The water should always be fresh.