What is the character of the West Highland White Terrier?

What is the character of the West Highland White Terrier?

West Highland White Terrier - what kind of character does this breed have?

In two words - just wonderful!

Active llife-loving, positive companion, attentive and trusting to owners, friendly or neutral-quiet to strangers, with a sense of dignity.

The main purpose of the Westie to be a companion. And he copes with it perfectly. With the owner - even to the edge of the world!

Westie will accept the rules that exist in the family. The main thing is that the owners do not change the rules as the puppy grows up.

Westie loves to be around the owner, and they are not pushy. You are having fun and want to play with the Westie - he will gladly play with you. You're tired and want to lie on the couch - Westie will lie next to you, curled up. He will always adapt to you. Some find that by getting a Westie, you get a dog and cat in the same person. You went to work - your Westie will sleep and wait for you to return.

Westies are well preserved in their hunting nature. Curious, observant, attentive and venturesome, they look for prey while walking: a hedgehog or a squirrel; even a crow will not go unnoticed. And they will certainly inform you about their finding with their loud barking, because the owner must be proud of them. And they will inform and greet their guest about coming home with their magic voice, because they are polite. But the main person in the family is you - the host. Therefore, the rules and behavior will be such as you teach your Westies.

West Terriers are particularly cheerful and exude optimism. Their funny and cheerfully raised tail swaying from side to side leaves no one indifferent. You'll always be excited to spend time with your pet.