Sweet and gentle. Abigal, Abi, Abigulka, Abichka. Cute and beautiful dog. But sometimes very brave and confident, even authoritative and persistent) No wonder I called her Miss Abigail Mesh). She is still a young dog, but she demonstrates her character with youthful audacity. "I'll climb higher and be the most important" - Abi thinks, sitting on the windowsill and looking down at her family. You can't deny her cleverness. She is the only one who have mastered window sills. She is a combination of a gentle look with a solid character!

It is this emotionality and spontaneity that are her main features and make her a favorite in the family, and as a result she is forgiven for all the naughtiness.

In relations to us, her owners, it is a sweet, obedient, calm dog. She is a great travel companion. Joint trips to shown bring us mutual satisfaction and enjoyment of time together.

It appeared as a result of mating our beautiful Simone and Harry (ASTERIX Z KNYAZHEGO DVORA) and has in her pedigree representatives of famous kennels: TORY`S SECRET, DEL GOYEPINO, MOULIN DE MAC GREGOR, ALBORADA. She has just started her show career, but she has a good potential and our hopes. For now he has earned 3х j.CAC, 1x r.j.CAC, 2x r.CACIB.