Who are these white west terriers or as are they called westies?

The West Highland White Terrier is a true Scotsman: bold, courageous, stubborn and temperamental. Such traits were selected for breeds original purpose.

The breed originates from the harsh western highlands of Scotland. Colonel Malcolm of Poltolloch was the first breeder of West Highland White Terriers. He and his family have bred these dogs for several generations, selecting white puppies among the Cairn Terriers with certain hunting qualities and practical stiff fur with a dense undercoat.

Terriers got their name because they are burrow dogs, ie. dogs that work in the ground (land from the English - terra), do they got hte name terriers - ground dogs.


In today's world, when the Westies are bred to meet the aesthetic needs of people and bring joy to their owners, they still retain their original temperament of the hunter and the charm that distinguishes them from other breeds.

Currently, Westies successfully use all their qualities to participate in Dog Shows. Westies are great companions, bold and at the same time very funny. With such a simple cunning expression of the muzzle, which speaks of their agile nature, which allows dogs to find a way out of any difficult situation and save nothing.

Now Westies main purpose is to be a companion. And they cope with it perfectly. With the owner, they’d go to the edge of the world! Westie would accept the rules that exist in the family. The main thing is that the owners should not change the rules in the process of growing up a Westie.
Westie likes to be close to the owner, and they are not intrusive. That is, if the owner does not want to walk, but wants to relax, Westie will lie down and doze off. If it sees that the owner is busy, he will go quietly to sleep. Waiting for the time when the owner will pay attention to them, play or invite for a walk.

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