Born: 26.09.2012
Breeder: Korotchenko Olena
Owner: Korostyakova Irina

Titles:Champion Middle East European Union CupGRAND Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine х4Champion of Moldova, Champion of Russia, Champion of Breed, BBB6 x CACIB UA, 2 X CACIB MD10 X CAC, 1 X RCAC, 2 X RCACIB5 X BOB UA, 4 X BOB MD, 1 X BOB RUS

портрет вест хайленд уайт терьєр


Olaf came second to our westie family, call name Lolik. Although he was second, but he became the first and most important. And remains so to this day!

He is a truly charismatic dog. This dog has everything: great pedigree, beauty, calmness, confident character, perseverance and stubbornness, hunting passion, liveliness, which are typical for terriers.

When I bought a purebred puppy Olaf Milagros Del Corazon, Lolik, my life changed completely. Having such a wonderful pedigree dog, you simply do not have the right to sit with him at home, hidden from everyone. And so our eventful show life began. So much effort has been and is being made to learn something new: grooming, trimming, show training, etc. And such great emotions before shows! I had no doubt that Lolik was a worthy dog, but whether I did my best to make him appear in all his beauty, there were always doubts. But with Lolik it was like magic, as I always joke, and no matter how I messed up with grooming, his pedigree appearance and natural masculine charm prevailed and the judges gave him titles that he really deserved. Maximum compliance with breed standards. 

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    Judges are different, with different views and preferences, from many countries around the world, but the opinion is the same: great dog. This is evidenced by his numerous titles and awards.

    He is loved by our family, and he knows it, and enjoys it sometimes when he demands another treat, or scratch his belly, or let him lie next to us on the couch. But instead, Lolik generously gives his love, devotion and kindness. Olaf absorbed the best features of the exterior of his ancestors from the famous kennels. He made a rapid and remarkable career in show rings and won many titles.

    Now he has finished his show career. But, as before, he is a proud leader of the home pride of Westies.