Litter D in the GROUND JOY kennel

Date of birth 22.12.2022
2 males and 3 females were born.


Mating idea:To get puppies from a male father in order to consolidate and improve the main breed characteristics in accordance with the breed standard in combination with the preservation of good health. And we found such a dad for our babies 
This litter is a wonderful combination of two beautiful representatives of the West Highland White Terrier breed.

цуценя вест хайленд уайт терьєра




Furor - has a real terrier character, excellent temperament and charisma, persistence. It has an excellent external appearance: a long beautiful neck, perfectly defined corners of the hind limbs, a smooth and strong back, compact format. 
Judges always noted his thoroughbred appearance and maximum compliance with breed standards. 
He has titles:Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine




Simona - is 200 percent a companion dog - her love for people, easy and cheerful nature distinguish her from relatives. . She simply radiates optimism and benevolence. And charges us with his joy. And children who imitate her character will bring a lot of joy and good mood to their owners.

In relations with us, her owners, she is a kind, obedient, cozy dog. At the same time, Simona is always ready for trips and adventures, she really likes communication with other people, which is called the "soul of the company".
It is this kindness and optimism that is her highlight and makes her a favorite in the family. In addition, she is a kind and caring mother for babies.

Simona has in his ancestors representatives of famous kennels: TORY`S SECRET, DEL GOYEPINO, MOULIN DE MAC GREGOR, ALBORADA, ASHGATE, BRAIT NOUZ.

At regional and international exhibitions UKU-FCI Simona received excellent results and high ratings from experts and has the title of Champion of Ukraine, certificates BOB x 1, BOS x 2, CACIB x 1,CAC x 8, R.CACIB x 5, R.CAC x 3.


Furor z Knyazhego Dvora Paris Kozyrnaya karta Sun Wind Irsimos Magic Moonpilot with Brait Nouz vom Märchengarten Krisma Moonsurfer for Olacman
Magic Milk and Honey vom Märchengartenrprise
Brait Nouz Say Me Yes Brait Nouz Troubadour Hawes
Natasha of Susbridge
Zemfira Green Rainbow Nataly Design Vesti Tutti Frutti Zoris by Rupert Pailot Rupert Rifleman w cer
White Berry Abigel dörpe
Brait Nouz Grand Gwendoline Raijaj Near to Moscow berg
Natasha of Susbridge
Alaska z Knyazhego Dvora Invincible Tyson Tory`s Secret Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper Brorastar Super Trouper
Extra Galactic du Clan des Hamilton
Tory's Secret Fire of Surprise Westie X-Man of Surprise
Yod-Lee of Surprise
Smetanka z Knyazhego Dvora Vulcano del Goyepino Rob du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Jubbly Bubbly du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Match Point du Moulin de Mcmonique Fortune Hunter du Moulin de Mcmonique
Powder du Moulin de Mcmonique
Princess Simona Ground Joy Vulcano del Goyepino Rob du Moulin de Mac Gregor N'Gaston du Moulin de Mac Gregor Just a Poke du Hameau des Sources
Jet Set du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Jubbly Bubbly du Moulin de Mac Gregor Wesscots Gladiator
Holycross Bo-Peep
Genovia del Goyepino Aint He Sweet du Moulin de Mac Gregor Touch-of-Class du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Uhu Extra du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Alborada Katman Alborada Gran Señor
Alborada Kora
Blanche Magie Milagros del Corazon Alborada Sherlock Alborada Henrich Alborada No Va Mas
Alborada Muñeira
Alborada Regina Alborada Don Juan
Alborada Finesse
Michelle Milagros del Corazon Vest Are Euro Alborada First Lord
Cancion Amorosa de Vallbonica
Milagros Tory's Secret Brait Nouz Centurion
Gorwin Alexandria


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