Our beautiful Maggie is worthy of the title of Miss Generosity. She embodies humility, tenderness and nobility.

Although Meggy is not without the typical terrier features: Mischievousness, cunning, fierce games with relatives, unrestrained pursuits of cats and crows.
But still, her patience and humility towards children is simply amazing. "Angel in flesh!” - that what a want to say about her!

On the outside, Meggy also has an angelic appearance: sweet, tender, beautiful.

And because the blood of famous kennel flows in her veins, she has always received high marks in the show rings.

Her titles:
Champion of Ukraine, CAC x8, R.CAC x 3, incl. R.САС, on EDS-2017 in Kyiv, ВВВ х 5

She has now finished her show career and deservedly enjoys relaxing on home sofas and pillows.

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