A girl with a special disposition. That is how she sees herself.
Simone's daughter - in some ways resembles her mother. The same cheerful and friendly to people, especially to children. She loves communicating with children and they love her for sincere displays of affection.
But Rozochka is selective towards both people and other dogs. She distinguishes - to whom to give her affection, who is better to bypass, and to someone not to pay attention at all. Not everyone is worthy of her affection. Rosochka's affection and trust have yet to be earned because she has such a special character.
Swift, mobile, ready to endlessly run and jump on slopes, hills, meadows, overgrown with even grass or shrubs. Forward, despite the obstacles and always next to your beloved owner. Because the boundless devotion to the owner is especially clearly manifested in her character.
From her father Marchik (JACK DANIELS IRSIMOS) Rosochka inherited excellent external data, pedigree anatomy and charismatic character, the special one that distinguishes her from others. And not without reason, because she had representatives many famous dog kennels in her ancestors: IRSIMOS, TORY`S SECRET, DEL GOYEPINO, MOULIN DE MAC GREGOR, ALBORADA, KRISMA, DIEPEN BROOK.
Rosa has just started her show career. At the breeding review in May 2023, she received a super excellent review and an expert's description and an "Excellent" rating.
Rose is in good health. Neither she nor her parents suffer from any chronic diseases. Genetic Result: Craniomandibular Osteopathy (CMO), Result: Genotype N/N (CMO-0).