The girl of my dreams - thats her. Love for people, light and cheerful character distinguishes this dog.

From an early age, Simona delighted us with her loving and mischievous nature. She radiates optimism and kindness. And charges us with joy. Simona gives her love to people so generously that everyone around her is fascinated.

"I love you all!" Seems to always be written on her sweet, cheerful face. With the same love and ease, Simona went to the show rings and received excellent results and high marks from experts: Champion of Ukraine, certificates: CAC (Candidate for Champions of Ukraine) x8
Simona came to us from a litter of our dear Mega and Vulcan (VULCANO DEL GOYEPYNO). She proved that she bears a genetic legacy inherited from the ancestors of the famous West Highland White Terrier kennels: TORY`S SECRET, DEL GOYEPINO, MOULIN DE MAC GREGOR, ALBORADA, ASHGATE.

Simona's show career continues. All the special characteristics of this beautiful breed of White Terriers are completely passed on to her puppies. Simona is in good health, neither she nor her parents suffer from any chronic diseases.

The result of genetic tests: CMO Genotype: NN